Tiger Kingdom  
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Touching The Real Tigers
They are not aggressive as you think
The natural area of the Mae Rim district offers a perfect ambiance for all nature lovers and is also a perfect location for Tiger Kingdom, or Khum Suea in the Thai dialect.  Tiger Kingdom ha a license from the National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Department, to be a zoo run by a private company where wildlife animals such as tigers and lions can be legally raised.   
  Tiger Kingdom has been divided into two main zones: park and restaurant. In park zone, tourists can enjoy visiting baby tiger’s cages.  Most tigers here have been raised by humans since they were born, so you can see tigers of all ages in the park.  The park zone is divided into two zones: one for big and medium-sized tigers, and another for newborn or small tigers.  Children under 13 are only allowed to visit the small tiger zone and the restaurant.  All visitors are accompanied by well-trained guides who understand the tiger’s nature, and Thai, English, French, Japanese, and Spanish-speaking guides are available all day long.  For security purpose, all visitors get a brief orientation before being allowed into the park.  All guides are trained to practice basic first aid, and emergency services are always on stand by.  Additionally visitors get insurance which is included with the entrance fee.  The tigers have been raised by humans but Tiger Kingdom keeps the park area as similar to a natural forest as possible.  To follow an idea of wildlife conservation, all tiger here have been raised naturally and have been trained to perform in shows or circuses, which are against their nature, so there are no shows at Tiger Kingdom.  Professional photo shooting is available where a photographer will accompany visitors for 15 minutes in the park in which time as many photos as possible can be requested to be taken.  A picture CD is then provided after finishing the trip with a flat rate charge of 299 Baht.  
  The restaurant zone is open to the public with no entry fee.  All restaurant guests can also see tigers in their nearby enclosures.  The restaurant serves both Thai and Western dishes; continental and American breakfast is served in the morning and different kinds of homemade pizza and fresh coffee are also served.  Several kinds of cocktail drinks and desserts have been added to the normal menu.
Restaurant is open daily from 09.00 am until 06.00 pm serving international food and Thai food.
Buffet lunch start from 11.00 am-14.30 pm daily (250 baht / person).
You can see through our tigers in enclosures during your lunch.(No extra charge for this area)
  Tour Rate:
Single Program:

Type Price Duration
Smallest Tiger (2-4 Months) 700 baht /person (10 minutes in enclosure)
Small Tiger  (5-10 Months) 500 baht  /person (10 minutes in building)
Medium Tiger (11-15 Months) 500 baht  /person (10 minutes in enclosure)
Big Tiger (16-36 Months) 600 baht  /person (10 minutes in enclosure)



Package Descriptions Price
Take 2 Big or Medium + Small THB 990
Take 3 Big / Medium + small + smallest  THB 1530
Take 4 Big + Medium + small + smallest  THB 1840
Take All Big + Medium + small 1 + small 2 + smallest  THB 2280
Walk Around Walk around the tigers enclose THB 420


All Prices included: Local VAT.7% , Service Charge & Insurance Premium.
  Round trip transfer service:  THB 500 / group  
  Special offer:     
  You can visit more places those located on the same way with no additional charge.

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