Please make a reservation at least 7 days in advance.

Thai Desserts Course Reservation
Class Date*
Course 1: Working with Coconut = THB 800
Course 2: Working with Banana Leaves = THB 1200

Course 3: Unique Thai Desserts = THB 1200

Please select 1 option from 3 optionals as following

(1.) Select 1 item in Set A and 2 items in Set B

(2.) Select 2 items only in Course 3 - Set A

(3.) Select 3 items only in Course 3 - Set B

Course 3 - Set A:
Course 3 - Set B:
Pick up requirement:*


  1. The customer who stays in the other hotel is required to make a deposit payment 50% of the total cost. We will send the PayPal invoice to your email after we have confirmed your course reservation.
  2. The deposit payment is due 5 days prior to the class day.
  3. The cancellation less than 3 days is non refundable.
  4. The cancellation more than 3 days is refundable as the refunded amount from PayPal. If there is the PayPal fee occurred the customer will receive the fund after deduct the fee.
  5. The changing of cooking class day is free of charge and please notify us 2 days in advance.
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