Thai desserts are naturally low in fat and calories while remaining high in flavor, texture, and taste.  Many of Thai desserts are also vegan, lactose and gluten free so perfect for special diet requirements. Coconut cream and coconut milk are also prominent ingredients in most Thai desserts.
  Thai desserts are not difficult to make, some are very simple and may be easier than others but some require more patience and time than others.  The foreigners find that the Thai desserts are too sweet but our recipes have been adapted to match with the foreign tastes (reduced the amount of sugar & salt).

There are more than a hundred items of Thai Desserts Menu, but we have selected only for the high nutrition, easy to make and most of the ingredients & cooking equipment are available in foreign countries.

We confirm that our Thai Desserts Menu would be a new choice of your life.

Let’s enjoy cooking the colorful, flavorful and healthful Thai desserts now!
  • Open air & clean kitchen
  • English spoken instructor
  • Private cooking class
  • Completely hands-on
  • Enjoy eating the desserts you make
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