Monkey School – Monkey Show  
  Code:  NMK  
  Duration:  30 mins.  
  Show Time:   daily  
  11.00 am.      12.15 pm.
13.15 pm.      14.15 pm.
15.15 pm.      16.15 pm.
To begin your visit you can stroll around and meet some of Thailand’s more exotic residents including a large number of highly intelligent macaques. If you wish, you can ask one of our friendly staff to let you hold or feed them for moments that make great photos.  Each hour a 30 minute show begins where the monkeys demonstrate an impressive range of talents such as coconut-picking, bike-riding, basketball and arithmetic. Audience members, especially the youngsters, are encouraged to join in the fun – a good example of this being where people are asked to challenge our clever friends’ number skills.
While the emphasis at the Monkey Centre is on fun, its also a great place to learn about these wonderful animals by asking our staff any questions you may have or by attending the “educational corner”.  
  There’s no need to go hungry either as we offer hot and cold food including tasty pizzas as well as ice creams and drinks.  
  Monkey Show:  Fun for all ages.  The shows run for 30 minutes during which time you will be amazed and amused by the abilities of the macaque monkey.  Take a seat in the auditorium and listen to the light-hearted commentary as the monkeys demonstrate many talents.  
  About monkey:  In the south of Thailand its not uncommon to see pickup trucks loaded with workers heading to work at one of  the various types of farms and plantations. Look closer and you may notice that one of the occupants is actually a monkey. He will be going to work just like the rest of the crew and will most likely be helping his owner by shimmying up trees to pick coconuts or fruit. He’s more than just a pet he’s part of the family and will be treated like any other family-member by eating meals with them and sleeping in their house.  
  The south of Thailand is also where our head trainers Mui and Saman originally come from. It was when growing up working there that they learned the traditional monkey-handling skills which are now used to entertain and educate the many visitors to the Chiang Mai Monkey Centre. The methods they use to teach the monkeys are based on a humane ‘reward’ system rather than a disciplinary system. The animals are treated always with care and receive regular checkups from a veterinarian – they are after all part of our ‘family’.  
  Visitors to the Monkey Centre may also be interested to know that none of our animals are taken from the wild. Most come to us after being rescued or from zoos that have too high a population. In these cases the monkeys need a home as they would not survive if sent into the wilderness.  
  We have several types of native asian monkeys with the most common being the pig-tailed macaque. Highly intelligent and full of personality these monkeys are natural entertainers. After you’ve met them we think you’ll agree.  
  We also provide a home for some other animals including birds rabbits and even a crocodile.  
  Tour Rate:   THB 200/ person  
Round trip transfer service:  THB 500 / group
Special offer:
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