Mae Ping River Cruise
  Code:  NMP
  Duration:   1.15 hours, 2 hours,  2.5 hours
  Boat Cruise 2 hours:  Leave the city behind and relax awhile, carried along the cool waters of the River Ping. Enjoy the ever-changing river
scene : rosplendent teak houses, rural greenery and sunny – faced kids scrambling into the water with shouts of glee.
Stop at a local farmer’s house and see for youself the cultivation of jasmine rice and a veriety of herbs for use both in medicine and cookery. Enjoy a snack of seasonal fresh fruits and savour there refreshing taste of lemon-grass and
other herb juices.
  Boat Cruise with lunch (Local Noodle “Kao Soi”)  2.5 hours:  Enjoy a special lunch on a cruise every day along the Mae Ping River. We serve you the best Thai food set menu and mixed fruit in natural surroundings at farmer houses. The trips duration is around 2 hours you can take your loved one’s or family all together. Open daily at the Wat Chai Mong Kol Landing.
  Dinner River Cruise (Thai Food Menu Set)  1.15 hours:  Dinner Cruise at 7.30 p.m. each evening the Maeping Dinner Cruise leaves the restaurant jetty and a delicious Thai dinner served aboard the special 30 seater craft. Cruise slowly along the River Ping and experience the romantic magic of Chiang Mai by night. Set menu or your own choice of Thai dinner is served. Return to the jetty at 9 p.m. (Special lunch cruise also undertaken for group or party bookings)

THE UNDER GROUND ANCIENT CITY  In 1984, just outside the modern Chiang Mai metropolitan area, archaeologists uncovered the remains of an ancient city. Research concluded that this was the city of Wiang Kum Kam, one of many fortified cities built by King Mengrai as he consolidated his hold on the north. In fact, it appears that Mengrai may have lived at Wiang Kum Kam for a few years before Chiang Mai was constructed. Nearly 20 temple sites have been uncovered in the area, which lies between the Ping river and the Lamphun highway, south of Mahidol Road. The buildings were buried under ground by years of flooding, which apparently is the reason Mengrai eventually moved his capital to Chiang Mai. In fact, the Ping river originally flowed along the north side of the town, but at some point during the Burmese occupation from the sixteenth to eighteenth centuries, the river changed course and now flows along the west side of the site. The change of course was apparently the final straw which caused the city to be largely abandoned for 300 years.There are more than 20 ancient ruins inside and around Wiang Kum Kam including Wat Chedi Liam, Wat Chang Kham, Wat Pu Pia, Wat Thatkhao, Wat E Kang, Wat Noi,  Wat Ku Koa, Wat Hua Nong, and Wat Pu Song which are dated from the 21st – 22nd Buddhist centuries.



  • A pleasant 20-minute journey down river aboard a spacious new and comfortable teak-fitted cruise boat.  Look for ancient pyramid-shaped pagodas appearing on the left before our FISHERMAN’S QUAY destination.
  • We then travel by old-fashioned horse and carriage to Wiang Kum Kam Museum and Information Centre. There is a video introduction, with English subtitles. Then we browse around Museum.
  • Back to the horse and carriage through Thawangtan village to view six historical temple remains, As well as ancient sites, you will see orchards, farmland, modern town houses, and some derelict buildings, recycling scrap metal shops, in a hotchpotch of present day Thailand.
  • Return to FISHERMANS QUAY for complimentary refreshments – a chance to sample local fresh fruit and herb juices. Lemon-grass juice is a favorite !

Tour departs four times a day at 9 a.m., 11.30 a.m.. 2 p.m. and 4 p.m.

     Tour Rate:  ** Free round trip transfer **  
Program Duration

Price / person (min. 2 persons)

Boat Cruise 
2 hours or 1 hour THB 550
Boat Cruise with lunch: Kao Soi or Pad Thai
2.5 hours THB 650
Boat Cruise with lunch: Thai Set Menu
2.5 hours THB 850
Dinner River Cruise
90 minutes THB 650
Wiang Kum Kam Landing
2.5 hours THB 700

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