The Bamboo Hut

We have 2 accommodations businesses are Ban Chunsongsang Home Stay and The Bamboo Hut.  The property which we need to give rent for long term is “The Bamboo Hut”.  Located in Mae Wang District, the part of Doi Inthanon Mountain (the tallest mountain in Thailand) and situated among the Karen hill-tribe village.  The distance from Chiang Mai city to “The Bamboo Hut” is 50 kilometers and driving for about 1 hour (on highway 25 minutes, countryside 15 minutes and mountain 20 minutes). 

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The land area 3.5 acre has electricity and water running from the waterfall in the top of the hill.  The home stay is ready to run the business or staying includes 3 buildings.  The two of bamboo huts with private bathroom, hot shower, bedding and common decorating.  The house for owner provided bathroom, kitchen with common cooking utensils and restaurant with tables and chairs.  The guestroom equipment is ready to serve for 8 persons.  The land has been used as the organic farm for 10 years and we never used the pesticide in our farm.  The area and climate is best suited to growth the temperate vegetables, rice, corn, herbs and flowers.  The local people or Karen hill-tribe is ready to be the farm and construction workers. 

  1. The tenant can build more buildings and renovation our huts to any styles. 
  2. The farm can be growth any kinds of plants and animals.  But the tenant has to maintain the organics way and not allow using the pesticide in the farm. 
  3. The big trees around the farm are allowed to build the tree house, Sky Bridge and zip lines but not allow to cutting down the big trees.
  4. The tenant must to responsible for the property repair expenses those occurred during the rental period (construction worker cost THB 300/day/worker).  Including the expenses of tree branches cutting near the huts to avoid the accident from the falling branches (THB 2000 – 3000 /time), weed removal for nicer environment (THB 6000 /time for whole land and cheaper for removal only some part of land) and any other related expenses.   The tenant can consider paying for the repair expenses on any damaged items during the rental period.  If the tenant will no longer use those damaged items just leave them without repairing.
  5. Telling us to collect the unwanted equipments those we have provided in the property.
  6. The guarantee amount for electricity cost usage is THB 20000 and will be refunded when the last bill has been settled (approximately THB 4 / unit).  
  7. We offer the same rental rate to use our property for business or private accommodation.

 Period Rate for the entire period
 (in Thailand Baht)
 1 year THB 180,000  (~ USD 5,483)
 2 years THB 325,000  (~ USD 9,901)
 3 years THB 470,000  (~ USD 14,318)
 4 years THB 600,000  (~ USD 18,278)
 5 years THB 720,000   (~ USD 21,934)
 6 years THB 820,000   (~ USD 24,981)
 7 years THB 920,000   (~ USD 28,027)
 8 years THB 1,000,000   (~ USD 30,464)
 9 years THB 1,080,000  (~ USD 32,901)

The full payment must be paid on contract signing.

  How is “The Bamboo Hut” business running at this moment?
  We are now closed the business “The Bamboo Hut” and running only Ban Chunsongsang Home Stay.  Due to Mr.Koko (The Bamboo Hut owner) had a serious sickness since July 2013.  He is currently in the recover period of the kidney failure.  He must to receive the dialysis for twice a week and not allow working hard. The waiting of kidney transplants seems so long.  And he never expects to become fit again. 
  Is there anyone can help to contact with the local people?
  We are happy to help finding the local worker and give any assistance.
  How to visit our property?
  We can meet each other in Chiang Mai city and you will need to pay for the transportation expense about THB 1500.
  Can you visit our property by yourself?
  It’s not difficult to drive a car or motorbike to visit our property by yourself.  Please let us know about your visiting then we will assign our hill tribe staffs come to open the gate to visit inside.
  Is there any market nearby?
  There will be the food supplier come to the village every 7 am.  Just going down the hill and waiting for the supplier truck at the roadside.  The supplier sells fruits, vegetables, pork, chicken meat, beef, buffalo meat, fish and snacks.  It’s possible to order any foods and the supplier will deliver in the next day.  Go for about 2 kilometers to the local restaurants, noodles, grocery shops, fresh food shops and beauty salon.  The distance to the Tesco Lotus Express and 7-Eleven is 23.3 kilometer.
  How to get transportation to Chiang Mai City if no own vehicle?
  There are several villagers provide the transportation services.  The cost for round trip private transfer is about THB 1000 – 2000.  It’s possible to take a public minibus at the main street no. 1013.  The minibus has 1 round trip a day; morning trip for going to town will reach at the main street about 8 am. and will arrive to Chiang Mai city about 9.30 am.  The evening trip for going back to the village will leave from Chiang Mai station at 2.30 – 3.00 pm. and leave from the Baan Kad Market station at 4.30 pm.
  How to access the internet or communication?
  Using the air-card to access the internet and use the extra antenna to receive better internet and cell phone signal.  The internet package is about THB 5 – 10 / hour on pre-pay SIM card.  The local phone installation cost or leased line internet in this area is still too high if compared with the cost of cellphone usage.