Handicraft Factory:
  San Kamphaeng district is the most famous center of handicrafts in Chiang Mai. On both sides of San Kamphaeng Road, there are showrooms and factories where you can view the production of many traditional crafts, as well as purchase them. They are silk, cotton, lacquer ware, ceramics, silverware, leatherwear, umbrellas, woodcarvings and antiques.
Saa Paper Village:  
  Chiang Mai is well known for the variety of mulberry (Saa) paper products for example cards, notebooks, stationery, boxes, bags, photo frames, lanterns, etc.  There are various colors with different creative designs of mulberry paper sheets. It is handmade natural fiber that sometimes flowers and natural leaves are used for decoration. Saa paper sheets can be used as a gift-wrapping paper and for many decorative purposes.
  Bo Sang Handicraft Center:  
  Bo Sang and Sankamphaeng Villages are among the old tourist spots of Chiang Mai which have got fame for their fine products — umbrellas, Thai silk and cotton. Nowadays this route is dotted with manufacturing center of silverware, wood carving, ceramics, weaving and embroidery as well.  
Bo Sang Shopping Center: 
  The handicraft shopper’s heaven.  At Bo Sang and umbrella village on San Kamphaeng Road, you’ll find plenty of hand-painted umbrellas made of delicate Saa paper (produced from the bark of the mulberry tree).  Fans and other handmade products of Saa paper are also available in various designs and at reasonable prices.
San Kamphaeng Walking Street Market: 
  San Kamphaeng Walking Street runs on Saturdays at San Kamphaeng District Office.  The market opens in the late afternoon and stays open until around 10.00 pm.  The center of handicrafts market features shopping at reasonable prices for various kinds of goods, ranging from local handicraft products, local food and music are also key attractions to both locals and tourists.
Baan Jang Nak: 
  The elephant wood carving museum and all about elephant wood carving souvenirs.  Woodcarving is a traditional northern Thai art which can be seen on many temple buildings. In recent years, however, woodcarving has increasingly become an important part of furniture, tableware, decorative items and crafted souvenirs.
A very popular item for tourists is carved elephants.
San Kamphaeng Hot Spring: 
  Relaxing with hot spring pool, bath-room, foot baht and spa.
Doi Saket Temple: 
  The mountain top temple, the big white che-di, the white Buddha image and beautiful modern mural paintings.  
Muang-On Cave:
  Home of Dinosaurs and Ghosts, It’s a chance to see a huge dinosaur skeleton, the opportunity to see the ghost of a long since dead monk.
Rock climbing:
  Stunning with 70 meter high limestone is heralded by experts & novices alike for its beauty, nested in a jungle setting, with its unique colors & contours.
Giant catfish of the Mae Khong River fishing park
  Catching giant catfish at Bo Sang Fishing Park.  There are several fishing parks in our village for fishing sport and free caught fish as well as Nile Tilapia, snakehead fish, catfish and Pangasius sutchi. You can bring the caught fishes back to homestay and then we cook them for you.
  Mae Kuang Dam: 
The most popular freshwater fishing spot as well as giant snakehead and fish hunting.
Mae Kampong Village:
  The bubbling falls cascade down the mountainside on both sides of the village, providing villagers and visitors with breath-taking views.
Flight of the Gibbon, 
Jungle Flight & Dragon Flight:
  Chiang Mai’s thrilling rainforest canopy eco adventure.  Having fun with transportation through the tree tops via a zip-line that consists of a pulley suspended on a cable mounted on an incline.


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