Elephant Show  
  Duration:  1 hour   
  Show Times:
– 08:00 am.
– 09:40 am.
– 01:30 pm.
  Visit the showground to and enjoy a variety of fabulous shows of elephants who love to show off their skills and have a good time.
Once you enter the show ground, 20 elephants will parade to welcome you to their show. Don’t miss a chance to observe the elephants bathing at the two bathing areas on Maesa River before each elephant show. The shows are as following: 
  • Demonstration of how to get on and off an elephant by experienced mahouts.
  • Musical performance and dancing by the talented elephants.
  • How the elephants sleep at night (lying on their side).
  • Football matches consisting of many talented elephant players like Play Lankam, Kongkam and Khamsan.
  • Painting of many abstract and realistic pictures by the eight elephants – Kongkum, Wanpen, Kamsan, Lankam, Duanpen, Songpun, Punpetch and Pu Ood. Maesa Elephant Camp is the only place in the world showing the painting of realistic pictures by elephant artists.
  • Demonstration of how the elephants massage their mahouts by using their trunks.
  • Elephant stick picking competition.
  • Dart Game show by little elephants.
  • Logging and lumber dragging show.
Elephant Nursery:  At the turn of the last century there were over one hundred thousand elephants in Thailand , today there are less than five thousand. In view of this frightening statistic, Maesa Elephant Camp has, for many years, dedicated our knowledge and expertise to create a breeding programme, of which the success is proudly seen in our elephant nursery. Only five minutes walk from the elephant showground, baby elephants live with their mothers and are brought up with exceptional professional care where they spend happy childhoods shyly welcoming visitors.  Baby elephants will live together with their parent elephants until they are two and a half to three years old. During this time they will have their intelligence and skills fully developed by the professional and caring mahouts and staff.  The Elephant Nursery is open daily from 7 a.m. – 2.30 p.m.      
Elephant Art Exhibition Hall and Gallery:  Who would have thought that elephants could be artists? Well, strange indeed, but also true. Not all, but some elephants have taken to the paintbrush like fish to the water, each developing their own unique and distinctive strokes. Through years of working side by side with art teachers – as in any art college – a few outstanding artists have emerged at Maesa Elephant Camp with some of their works being on display in art galleries as far flung as New York , London and Tokyo .Our exhibition gallery is the only one in the world featuring paintings created by elephants so take this once in a life time opportunity to observe the development of elephants’ painting skills as well as viewing the recorded-by-Guinness painting entitled “Cold Wind, Swirling Mist, Charming Lanna I” which is 2.4 metres high and 6 metres long.You will also have a chance to do your bit towards the conservation of the Asian elephant by purchasing your very own unique elephant painting.This gigantic painting is on display daily from 8.30 a.m. – 2.30 p.m.
With each painting by an elephant which you purchase, a portion of the proceeds will go directly towards the conservation of the Asian elephants.
Tour Rate:   THB 200 / person     
Round trip transfer service:  THB 500 / group
Special offer:
You can visit more places those located on the same way with no additional charge.

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