Elephant Camp, Wonderful Elephant Showering by Feeding, Orchid and Butterfly Farm  
  Code:  JN-002  
  Duration: 08.00 am. – 12.00 pm.  
Special offer:  
  1. Free transfer service to participate the Excitement Activities.
  2. Free half day Handicraft Tour at Sankampaeng
Elephant Show start the show with the troop of elephant stars holding “Welcome” sign and salute the audience. Showing the relationship and communication between mahout and elephant by elephant obey the commands of mahout such as sit, lay down, or crouch for mahout to ride on the neck. Show playing an instrument and dancing along the music. Show playing basketball and football. Show their intelligent by walking with 2 legs, use their snout to put the hat on their mahout’s head, keep things into the basket, massage human by using their feet and snout softly. Show working by collect the elephant chain by themselves and drag logs by arranging in order. Show painting the picture of tree with flowers on elephant dung paper. Close the show with the troop of elephant stars holding “Thank you” sign and after that the audience can go see to elephants closely.
Enjoy a beautiful orchid farm and butterfly farm which is one of chiang mai ‘s favorites tourist spots.  
  Tour Rate:  
Group Tour
Price/person:  THB 700
  • Transportation
  • Elephant Show
  • Orchid & Butterfly farm
  • Lunch


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