Doi Inthanon National Park (Highest Mountain Tallest in Thailand)  The Highness Majesties King & Queen, Hilltribe Village and Waterfalls  
  Code:  SP-03  
  Duration: 08.00 am. – 04.30 pm.  
  • Doi Inthanon: This range is a part of Himalaya Range in Nepal. The weather is cool all year-round on Doi Inthanon, particular at its peak of 2,569 metres, the highest mountain in Thailand. The perfectly beautiful forest and colorful birds are waiting for you at the summit The park is also a paradise for bird lovers. The mountain ranges gave birth to the main tributaries of the Maenam Ping and formed the beautiful waterfalls, namely Siriphum, Wachirathan, Mae Pan, Mae Klang. The moist and dense evergreen forest is abundant with lichens and wild orchids. Doi Inthanon National Park, a national park called as the name of the highest peak of Thanonthongchai Range and in Thailand.   During winter especially in January which is the coldest month, the climate on the summit of Doi Inthanond is cool and dry; the area covers with mist and frost. It is known that the temperature could drop as low as 8 degree Celsius. It is said that the weather on the summit of Doi Inthanon is more like Canada than Thailand.
  • Visit the pagodas which the people built for the king and the queen when they reach aged of 60.
  • Visit the most beautiful waterfall called “Vachirathan  Waterfall”.
  • Visit the hill-tribe people.
  Tour Rate:  
Group Tour
Price/person: THB 1,200
  • Lunch (set menu)
  • English speaking guide
  • Transportation

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