Chiang Rai – One Day Tour – The Golden Triangle, Chiang Saen (Ancient City), Mae Sai (Myanmar Border),  Hot Springs at Maekajan, White Temple (Wat Rong Khun)  
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  Duration: 07.00 am. – 08.30 pm.  
  CHIANGRAI PROVINCE  The province, which is located within the renowned Golden Triangle area where Myanmar, Laos and Thailand converge, is also known as the gateway to Myanmar, Laos and Southern China. Chiang Rai, which was founded in 1262 by King Meng Rai, was the first capital of the Lanna Thai Kingdom (Kingdom of a million rice fields), which was later conquered by Burma. It was not until 1786 that Chiang Rai became a Thai territory and was proclaimed a province during the reign of King Rama VI in 1910.
THE LANNA THAI KINGDOM (Kingdom of a million rice fields) Today Chiang Rai is a traveler’s paradise endowed with abundant natural tourist attractions and antiquities; the province itself is evidence of past civilization. Attractions range from magnificent mountain scenery, ruins of ancient settlements, historic sites, Buddhist shrines and ethnic villages as the province is also home to several hill tribes who maintain fascinating lifestyles.
Mae Ka Chan Hot springs Natural Hot Springs located just a kilometre north of the Chiang Mai-Chiang Rai road turnoff. Here you will see lots of tribal people with baskets of eggs. You could either purchase your our basket of eggs and cook it yourself or have those already cooked and just fish out from the hot spring well. This is a natural hot spring and you could head down to the stream and touch the hot spring water. Some even went for a dip in the hot spring.There are a range of shops, cafes and spa baths available.
White Temple or Wat Rong Khun  Rong Khun village where is about 10 km south of Chiangrai city and only slightly off the super highway. It is designed by the national artist name Mr. Chalermchai Kositpipat. The main temple building or Ubosot is a distinctive white color and decorated with fragments of reflective glass and can be seen from afar. Painting and murals inside the temple are also very beautiful.
Chiang Saen is the first capital of northern Thailand, An ancient town located on the bank of the Mekong River, Chiang Saen was originally called Wiang Hiran Nakhon Ngoen Yang. It served as the capital of the Lanna Thai Kingdom until King Mengrai established Chiang Rai as the capital in 1262. Ruins of the old double city walls and many other antiquities remain both inside and outside the district town. Most notable is the distinctive style of Buddhist sculpture which evolved in Chiang Saen during the late thirteenth century providing proof of the city’s historical importance.
Wat Phra That Chedi Luang   Next to Chiang Saen National museum is an ancient 88-meter high, bell-shaped, Lanna style principal chedi which has a 24 meter circumference base. Constructed in 1290 by King Saen Phu, the 3rd ruler of the Lanna kingdom, it is the tallest religious Lanna monument in Chiang Rai. In addition, there are also remains of ancient vihans and chedis.
  The Golden Triangle; A trip to Chiang Rai province would not be complete without seeing the notorious Golden Triangle first hand! This famed border location where Thailand, Laos and Myanmar meet on the Mekong River was once supposed to be the center of all the poppy cultivation in Thailand. This area where the Mekong River meets the Ruak River is locally referred to as “Sop Ruak”. Within this area are remains of many ancient places and structures attesting to the fact that the area had been settled by people in the past.will have a buffet lunch at Golden Triangle. It is also the area where various legends concerning the Lanna ancestors originate. Boats can be hired in order to view the upstream scenery of the Golden Triangle and to travel you can also enjoy the boat ride to view the splendor of mighty Mae Khong River (Optional). Visit  Market at Done Xao in Laos.  The Golden Triangle is the intersection of the three countries: Myanmar, Thailand and Laos. We took a boat ride along and across the Mae Kong (Mekong) River, which has its origins in China, and set foot on this Laotian village of Don Xao.  Sob Ruak’s most enjoyable tourist pastime is its boat tours. Long tail boats are available for hire here, and cruising up and down the Mekong River allows visitors a glimpse of village life in the many riverside settlements – particularly over in Laos. There is also a casino, popular with Thai folk, over on the Myanmar side and special arrangements have to be made to get there – though they are not difficult.  
Mae Sai is the northernmost town in Thailand. From here, one can cross to Tachilek in Myanmar. There is really not much to see in either Mae Sai or Tachilek – which you can cross for a day trip – other than the novelty of being at the northernmost town in Thailand, Mae Sai is named after the river of the same name that separates Thailand from Myanmar. A small bridge crosses the Mae Sai river into Myanmar. If you are thinking of exploring Tachilek, be sure to note that the border closes in the evening, do be back early or else you will be stranded on the wrong side of the river.
  •  Arrive to Chiang Mai around 08.30 p.m.
  Tour Rate:  
  Group Tour  
  Price/person: THB 1000  
  • English speaking guide
  • Thai Buffet Lunch
  • Transportation
Plus Boat trip:    THB 1300 / person
  Enjoy the boat ride to view the splendor of mighty Mae Khong River  

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